Cocktail of the Night mini – Suffering Bastard

This isn’t going to be a proper Cocktail of the Night post, but I mixed this up and wanted to record it.

I had decided I wanted a drink and was using to get ideas. This was one of the things that popped up:

1 oz of Gin
1 oz of rum (or Light Rum)
1 oz of Rose’s lime juice
bitters (or Angostura bitters)
Ginger ale

Shake all except ginger ale. Pour into glass and fill with ginger ale

I didn’t think I’d like this, since I have a history of not liking stuff with lime juice, but it’s quite good. I went a bit lighter on the lime juice (closer to 3/4 oz) and I probably could have put more bitters in (I love my bitters). But it’s quite tasty and refreshing. Not extremely strong either.

Cocktail of the Night: Peach Schnapps

(I have a new logo planned, but I haven’t had a chance to make it).

I was trying to use up my bottle of peach schnapps.

I wanted to start with something that was mostly not alcohol, because I’d be having it with dinner and booze on an empty stomach = means not happy.


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Gypsy – Cocktail of the Night

This was rather impromptu. I hadn’t had a drink using a recipe in a while and decided to suddenly. (If you want to know, I’ve been drinking something of my own:

Half orange juice
Half cranberry juice
A couple dashes of Angostura bitters or a glug of sweet vermouth – these are VERY scientific proportions
A glug of grenadine or blood orange syrup or both

It won’t get you drunk, but if you’re like me and you forget to eat your fruits and vegetables, it’s a good alternative to whatever you usually drink. It’s sweet and a bit spicy and nice.)

But on to the actual drink. This is one of those simple classic cocktails. According to the book (The Bartender’s Best Friend), it dates from the 30s. Two ingredients, originally no garnish (and I didn’t use one), just a jigger each.

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Prehistoric Creatures Day – Cocktail of the Night

Prehistoric Creatures Day is every Friday the 13th. You’re supposed to take your prehistoric creatures – dinosaurs, mammoths, and other very very extinct things – to dinner. I, uh, didn’t. Instead, I did a cocktail and dessert party for creatures that assured me counted.

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