Cocktail of the Night mini – Campton Cure Martini

Wanted a drink, yet again.


1 oz of Absolut Citron Vodka (or citrus-infused vodka)
1 oz of Cointreaux (or orange liqueur)
3 squeeze of Lime Juice (how much is a squeeze?!!)
Cranberry Juice (I hate it when they don’t give amounts)
Blend ingredients and serve on the rocks.
Other sources gave it as
1 oz of Absolut Citron Vodka (or citrus-infused vodka)
1/2 oz of Cointreaux
3 squeeze of Lime Juice
Splash of Cranberry Juice
Stir with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
So I went with the second one, substituting orangecello with Cointreau. I think I put in to much lime because it was seriously tart (really, how much is a squeeze?) So I added more orangecello. Would definitely try this one again.

Gypsy – Cocktail of the Night

This was rather impromptu. I hadn’t had a drink using a recipe in a while and decided to suddenly. (If you want to know, I’ve been drinking something of my own:

Half orange juice
Half cranberry juice
A couple dashes of Angostura bitters or a glug of sweet vermouth – these are VERY scientific proportions
A glug of grenadine or blood orange syrup or both

It won’t get you drunk, but if you’re like me and you forget to eat your fruits and vegetables, it’s a good alternative to whatever you usually drink. It’s sweet and a bit spicy and nice.)

But on to the actual drink. This is one of those simple classic cocktails. According to the book (The Bartender’s Best Friend), it dates from the 30s. Two ingredients, originally no garnish (and I didn’t use one), just a jigger each.

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