People are not magnets

More OKCupid. We had some ridiculously low percentage in common.

Him: I would love to take you to see some movies and have fun at the beach if you are interested? People describe me as being romantic, poetic, charming loving, caring, direct persistent, sweet, passionate, fun, and easy going. For fun I like to go dancing, movies, play basketball, the beach, play cards, bowling, play pool, kissing, massages, and board games. So what do you say?

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Short and sad

I’m cleaning out my OKCupid convos. Here’s a short one…

Him: interesting profile
Me: Boring message
Him: wow.. i did not mean to send u such a boring message. and u know what, i actually like ur profile.
Me: I like people who use proper spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
Him: u gat issues
Me: What happened to I’m interesting?
Him: We’ll, since I’m not using proper grammar to comminicate with you.

OKCupid strikes again (updated)

On OKCupid, a guy with an 88% match contacts me. He’s straight and cis, which makes me cautious as all get out. It’s really long (to no one’s surprise) so I’m cutting where I can.

Him: Hi! How are you?
Me: Being super lazy today, but doing alright.
Him: Sweet. I see you are geeky and kinky nice combo [really? You’re going to start on that without even getting to know me?]
Me: Yeah. Not been so kinky lately, but that’s life for ya
Him: Ahh just need the right partner.

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