Stress means the wind wants me to drop shit on my toes

I don’t post about my personal life very often. I don’t think it’s very interesting to be honest. But this is one of those posts, sort of.

I have depression and social anxiety. I’ve had it since I was a kid. Compared to a lot of people it’s not very bad. But when I’m stressed…

Well, let’s make this interesting.




I don’t have a whole lot of really good weeks


And of course once you drop something, you have to start thinking about when you can pick it up again. And it’s RIGHT THERE taunting you with your failure. But if I’ve got a project I’m working on it doesn’t really bother me. But if I have a project I drop more and more things because I’m not paying attention to them.

But then there’s stress. Stress caused by hormones, changes, too much failure, whatever.


No, really. It was supposed to be a cloud or something.


And that’s why I haven’t been updating.

Sick – No post today

This doesn’t count. I’ve got a cold and my brain isn’t working, so don’t expect posts for a bit.

Last week I had an overwhelming urge to draw The Shadow in my Silver’s Kids style. You can consider this a preview of when I start doing those write-ups.


I stole the pose from this issue:


Theoretically I could ink and color it, but I probably won’t.