Moving – Week 0

I’ve actually been there almost two weeks now, but I’m doing this in order, dammit! =^_^=

So, I moved into my first apartment completely by myself, completely from the beginning. It’s in Ventura in an building that was apparently built in 1907 (according to the sign that I still need to get a picture of).

I looked at another apartment in the building that had a lot of cute mid-century touches (like black and white checkerboard linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom, and peach tile in the bathroom). But I couldn’t afford that one. I got one that is half below ground and very private, except for the laundry room right next door (which is cool). It doesn’t have the same cute touches, but it’s nice. So, to the tour!

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Welcome to the new version of Curiously Lydean. When I get everything properly set up, all posts here will be mirrored at my livejournal and dreamwidth as well.

I’m going to start by talking about my new home and the process of decorating it with a Mid-Century influence. Then I’ll be bringing back Ben-Day Spots with more comic commentaries, as well other stuff that I had planned that I never got to.

My hope is to update at least once a week. We’ll see how well that holds up.