Other Policies


  • As far as I’m concerned, any comic older than 1980 is fair game to excerpt from as much as I want. I encourage people to buy trades of things they like (I certainly do, mostly from used book stores).
  • Anything between 1980 and 2010, I will post no more than 1/3rd of a story. Covers don’t count – they’re readily available online. Icons don’t count in the page count either.
  • Anything newer than that (for example, just published comics), I will post my favorite moments, no more than 4 pages.

Those last two are similar to Scans-Daily, a great community that’s shown me several things that I then bought.


Any of the icons I make can be taken and modified as much as people want. I don’t care if I get credit. I’d prefer for the original source to be credited as well.

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