I have no more ratties. I had to put down Ed last week. Ed had a big abscess that was possibly cancer and was getting smaller abscesses. I could tell ed wasn’t feeling good and ed had very little energy and was losing mobility in eds back legs. So I made the call. I’ll continue posting rat pics. At some point I want to schedule all of them to get through the like 150 pics, but I’d have to find the energy and focus.

Site news

I’m switching the domain to silvers.space with silversspace.com and silversspace.net as redirects for those weirded out by the new domain extensions. The old domain will work for an undetermined time (until it expires). Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

Crosspost on DW / LJ update

I’ve updated the settings of the plug-in to make it clearer that not all the post is being crossposted and why. So text past the first paragraph or so (not sure where the cut off is) and pictures won’t show up on Dreamwidth or Livejournal. Please just click on through. You can comment wherever you feel most comfortable.

Posts are crossposted in full to tumblr.

The Dirigible of DOOM

Hey folks, this is me trying to trick you into thinking I’ve posted something new. Nope! Sorry! And I won’t be for a while!

But I did go and edit the commentary for Detective Comics #33 (mostly to remove ableism on my part). So go read that! And remember comments = love.

(TW: fictional terrorism, character death, mental ableism)

Main site: The Batman Wars Against the Dirigible of Doom

Livejournal: The Batman Wars Against the Dirigible of Doom

Dreamwidth: The Batman Wars Against the Dirigible of Doom

Commenting Culture Here

I’m adapting this from silveradept because I know I often feel like I don’t have anything worthwhile to add on other blogs and it’s reasonable that others do too.

Any commentary that follows the comment policy is worthwhile (basics of the comment policy: don’t be a jerk). If you want to comment, do. If you don’t have the energy, don’t. You don’t have to agree with me and I assume good faith until proven otherwise.

I welcome any of the following types of comments on any of my posts:

  • very short comments, including single words (‘like’, ‘yes’, ‘agreed’, ‘flail’), punctuation marks (‘!!!’), +1, emoticons.
  • long, wordy comments. An essay or rambling is totally okay.
  • Comments and links on related topics.
  • Comments on single links, paragraphs or topics.
  • Sequential commentary. It’s okay to think of something else later and reply to yourself.
  • Discussion of other comments and with other commenters.
  • anonymous comments (on livejournal or dreamwidth. Comments at the main site require an email address).
  • comments from people who have never talked to me or that I’ve never met.
  • comments on old posts.
  • links to discussion of my posts on other sites.

How I reply:

  • I mostly reply to comments.
  • You’re never obligated to reply to my reply.

Linking to my entries:

  •  Go for it.
  •  I’d appreciate if you tell me where you linked, but it’s not required.

2012 and 2013

This year I wrote 135,000 words of fiction on six stories. I made a fool of myself here by posting a rough draft. I survived that with my self-esteem mostly intact. I won NaNoWriMo and got halfway through Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve discovered booze I like and started a hell of a liquor cabinet. I tried to get readers here and mostly failed (blog catalogs don’t seem to work, triberr helps only a little). I posted here 56 times, on average twice a week, mostly.

On a more personal level, I moved into my own place, finally getting my stuff out of storage after about three years (although I still have quite a bit still packed because there’s no place to put it, or in a severely disorganized state). I’ve had the same boyfriend since approximately March. I’ve made several new friends and not been a complete hermit. I’m starting my third year working at the same place, where they seem to like me quite a lot and I have lots of free time (or I could do this on my breaks if I would actually remember to take them).

I’ve accomplished less than I would have liked to and more than I thought I would. I spent way too much monkey-clicking around the internet and napping.

So, next year, let’s try to do better! I have a plan (that I probably won’t stick to)!

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