Frog yeah I’m a princess – Today’s Skin Horse


For those of you who don’t read Skin Horse, our princess here is Nick, formerly a misanthropic gamer geek, now a helicopter run by a brain in a jar with a swear-filter using an gyndroid body as a drone. He’s very much a dude and seems to love WhimsyCorp films though hiding it as a hatedom. Skin Horse’s current mission is to retrieve a set of documents from WhimsyCorp’s hidden archive, which could only be done by a princess. (The start of the story is here )

Anyway, it resonated with me, even if I’m usually approaching it from the opposite direction.

(CN for the storyline: discussions of gender essentialism, gamer stereotypes, sexism, use of ‘gay’ as an insult.)

Fantastic fic idea that I can’t write

There are about five people in the world who will get this, but:

Somebody* vs Casanova Frankenstein and Tony P and his Disco Boys (from the Mystery Men movie). They’re finally defeated and it turns out they were the mentors of Tigerlily Jones (from Skinhorse), who unleashes the power of funk in the form of a giant mecha.

Tip, Unity, and Sweetheart have to show up. Preferably Zeta and Foot wander through.

Like I said, I can’t write it. I’m not awesome enough. If you write it and it’s fabulous, I would honestly marry you. Not even kidding.

* I was originally thinking Cumberbatch!Sherlock, but on further thought there’s probably too much of a tone mismatch there. I think it would be better if whoever it was more low-key (so not, like, the Gurren Lagann crew… or even Sailor Moon). Batman could be great. Superman would probably be better. But somebody minimally powered – where they’re using their brain and not superpowers, would be so sweet.

On the other hand, the Creeper or Freakazoid could be really awesome.

Sick – No post today

This doesn’t count. I’ve got a cold and my brain isn’t working, so don’t expect posts for a bit.

Last week I had an overwhelming urge to draw The Shadow in my Silver’s Kids style. You can consider this a preview of when I start doing those write-ups.


I stole the pose from this issue:


Theoretically I could ink and color it, but I probably won’t.

2012 and 2013

This year I wrote 135,000 words of fiction on six stories. I made a fool of myself here by posting a rough draft. I survived that with my self-esteem mostly intact. I won NaNoWriMo and got halfway through Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve discovered booze I like and started a hell of a liquor cabinet. I tried to get readers here and mostly failed (blog catalogs don’t seem to work, triberr helps only a little). I posted here 56 times, on average twice a week, mostly.

On a more personal level, I moved into my own place, finally getting my stuff out of storage after about three years (although I still have quite a bit still packed because there’s no place to put it, or in a severely disorganized state). I’ve had the same boyfriend since approximately March. I’ve made several new friends and not been a complete hermit. I’m starting my third year working at the same place, where they seem to like me quite a lot and I have lots of free time (or I could do this on my breaks if I would actually remember to take them).

I’ve accomplished less than I would have liked to and more than I thought I would. I spent way too much monkey-clicking around the internet and napping.

So, next year, let’s try to do better! I have a plan (that I probably won’t stick to)!

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Zoundry Raven – update (updated 9-26-2012)

So, I’m still using Zoundry Raven and I thought I’d give a breakdown of why.

First, I want an editor that’s portable. I work on a number of computers. This limits me severely as the only portable blog editors I’ve been able to find are Zoundry Raven, w.bloggar (currently down because of the GoDaddy thing), and ScribeFire Next (a Firefox plugin – and there is a portable version of Firefox.) I may try the others at some point.

What I like about Zoundry Raven:

  • Portable
  • It downloads all of your old posts so you can reference them
  • It’s easy to use and fairly intuitive
  • Fairly good layout
  • Free
  • Not relevant to me, but you can have multiple accounts for multiple blogs
  • Supports a ton of blogging platforms
  • Drag and drop support for images and other media

What I dislike:

  • No tech support – it has a forum, but nothing is answered. It’s been released as open source now, which is groovy and all, but doesn’t help those with problems
  • If you update an entry on your blog it doesn’t update the archive in the app See below for how to sync.
  • Some weird behavior – you can’t copy text from archived posts (but you can copy and paste within a post)
  • It can’t caption pictures (but there’s a work-around which I’ll explain in a bit)
  • Somewhat laggy, but I’m sure that’s computer dependent
  • The tagging system could be a lot better – you can find posts by tags, but there’s no way I can find of adding previously used tags aside from typing them in
  • No way I could find to reuse pics from previous posts Yes, there is. See below.
  • Doesn’t allow for scheduling posts (have to publish and then go to the dashboard to change the date) See below.
  • Somewhat buggy – for me downloading a template so I can preview things doesn’t work at all, switches screens when I don’t want it to, sometimes alignment doesn’t change when I tell it to…

I was afraid that since it kind of syncs with the blog, that it wouldn’t be useable with no internet. I haven’t tried this yet, but I think that was a baseless concern. It seems to only sync the first time (so not really a sync at all…) See below.

ETA: I’m getting more and more annoyed. It keeps screwing up my formatting, which is frikking annoying. It’s trying to be more clever than it is.

Edited 9-19-2012: w.bloggar is not WYSIWYG, so I won’t be trying it. I looked at ScribeFire briefly and didn’t like it. There is a portable launcher for Windows Live Writer, which everyone seems to love, so I may try that later.

To add previously used images: in the sidebar, go to images and find the image you want. Right-click and select copy image location. When you start to insert the image, paste that into the open dialog. The image will show up.

To schedule a post (or publish it as a draft): There’s a drop-down labelled Configure… in the header. Go to the ‘General’ tab. You can select ‘publish as draft’ or ‘override publish time.’ Tested and it works.

To resync the blog: Select the account in the sidebar. An account summary will show, with the option to refresh / sync the account. ETA 9-26-12: Yeah, it doesn’t update the old posts after all. It just downloads any that you made directly to the blog. Lame. What you can do is delete the local copy and redownload (right click, select delete, uncheck the blog and check ‘delete local copy’. There’s a Download button up top.

(end of edit)


So, to the workaround with the captioning. I’m using WordPress, so these instructions may not work for other platforms, but it’ll give you an idea. This worked about 75% of the time, and I think I know what the problem was.

If you look at one of your downloaded posts that has captioned photos you’ll notice code around the picture that Zoundry Raven doesn’t interpret. It should look something like this

[ caption align=”aligncenter” width=”100″ caption=”Caption goes here” ] test-image.jpg[ /caption ]

The important thing to note is that there are NO spaces or returns between the code and the image (or between the brackets and the caption tag – that’s just here because I don’t want WordPress to interpret the code and for some reason Raven won’t leave the HTML entity codes alone (but it changes quotes and ampersands without asking…). With longer captions sometimes it’s hard not to have spaces – I think that’s what broke it on the two I had to fix in WordPress. You get the width by right-clicking and going to image > edit image (or CTRL-M). (I’m not sure if the width or alignment are strictly necessary).

If I did it right, the image should appear with a caption below.


Hopefully, this helps out somebody.

Test post

I’m trying out Zoundry Raven so I don’t always have to use the WordPress dashboard. It’s often a pain with image heavy posts, because I have to scroll back and forth to get to the insert image button. And I think, with Raven I could then write posts offline. But I’m not sure how it’s going to handle the crossposting, thus the test post.

And it does exactly what I want. Perfect. (Well, unlike the dashboard, it won’t let me pick the avatar for dreamwidth and livejournal, but that’s incredibly minor.)

And now I can’t get it to caption images. I could work around it, but I’d rather not. I guess I’ll see if I can find another portable desktop editor.

Novel news, general plan of the year

The first draft of the novel is finished. Yay! I still have to type up the last couple of chapters and I’ve made some notes of things to fix during rewrite. (I also still need to come up with a title or at least a better working title.) But that won’t be until the end of this year or beginning of next for a couple of reasons.

1) I haven’t ever heard of people recommending editing immediately. It’s good to let it sit for a while so you’re not so close to it (I tend to do some editing while I write anyway). It’s not uncommon to hear of writers letting them sit for a year or more.

2) I have a craft show coming up in October that I need to make a ton of stuff for.

So my plan for the rest of the year is this:

August, September, October: make bookmarks and art / postcards for the Solvang Faeriefest.  I’m really only hoping to make 50 or 100 dollars profit, but since I’m going to be selling everything for less than five bucks, hopefully it’ll be more. But the idea is more to get me crafting and doing artistic stuff again, that isn’t related to other projects (and thus I can show here).

November: Nanowrimo. I’m going to try to finish my other novel and 3 – 8 scripts of the White Knight. Should be totally doable, considering I just wrote a novel in less than 20 days while doing RenFaire and working full-time. November has lots of holidays.

December: possibly edit, probably try to work on the house again. I have a lot of projects I’ve put off and I’ll have more time off.

Anyway, thanks for everybody’s support on the novel. I haven’t decided if I’ll post the whole rough draft here or not. I may just do the first part, but then y’all miss my favorite characters…


Welcome to the new version of Curiously Lydean. When I get everything properly set up, all posts here will be mirrored at my livejournal and dreamwidth as well.

I’m going to start by talking about my new home and the process of decorating it with a Mid-Century influence. Then I’ll be bringing back Ben-Day Spots with more comic commentaries, as well other stuff that I had planned that I never got to.

My hope is to update at least once a week. We’ll see how well that holds up.