Burdock tsukemono

I made this from stuff I grew… 

Beige strips of burdock root smothered in sesame seeds, vinegar, and soy sauce.

I’ve eaten most of it.  It’s Japanese style pickles, made from burdock root and sesame seeds. And it’s delicious.

I have more pickling in miso right now.

This is half of the burdock I harvested on Saturday. I have one more I’m letting grow more because it was stunted by the other two stealing all the sun. 

This is an older picture. The burdock is in the blue things (because the root gets 12-16′ long with this variety – and other varieties get longer). Even with that they ended up below the level of the garden bed. At the end the leaves were bigger than my head (they got composted).

Also in this bed is cucumber, Mexican mint (tagetes lucida – a type of marigold), turnips, and round carrots. The carrots and turnips are gone now and there’s some flowers added.