Lexember 2017 – Nyjichxn #6

I don’t get to garden today. The Santa Ana winds damaged the fence so one of my roommates and the neighbor are fixing it. So instead, ya’ll get updates! Yay!

One of the fun but sometimes frustrating things about translating is that you keep finding situations where what you did before doesn’t work. This is one of them. In previous sentences got the accusative case marker, but it could be replaced by the answer. So, new rule was noted: if can’t be replaced by an object answering the question, it’s unmarked.

Lexeme: sɯa
Gloss: world, planet
Combination Form:
Stress: IPA: Ŋyjichɯn phonetic:
Singular: sɯa sɯa sɯa
Paucal: soosɯ soo ˈsɜːʔ.zɯ soo’zɯ
Plural: sɯasɯ sɯa sɯɜ.ˈzɯ sɯozɯ

Example Usage:

suizɯasɯn sychiyvmowza zɯ
sɯa<uiz>ɯa-sɯn sy<chi-yv>mow-za (stem: syza)
planet<PEJ>planet-ACC origin<1s.SBJ-3s.POBJ>you-origin what
What damn planet are you from?
Phonetic: suisɯazɯŋ sijiyvmoza
IPA: sʊy.ˈsɯa.zɯŋ sy.ˈdʒɪiv.ɱɜ.ˌza

PEJ = pejorative

Singular, Paucal, and Plural

Lexember check-in

I’ve come up with a bunch of words for Nyjichxn because I was on a roll, but I have to do all the fiddly bits before they’re ready to share. It won’t be tomorrow, because I’m going to a thing. Probably won’t be Sunday because I’m going to prune the heck outta the tomatoes and do other gardening crap. But those eight words are coming soon.

Lexember 2017 – Nyjichxn #4

Lexeme: vijjoa
Gloss: emotion, feeling, characteristic, attribute

Stress: IPA: Ŋyjichɯn phonetic:
Singular: vijjoa vijjoa vʏ.ˈzɜa vizoa
Paucal: vijjooj vijjoojo vʏ.ˈdʒɜːʔ.dʒɜ vijoo’jo
Plural: vijjojo vijjojo vʏ.ˈdʒa.dʒɜ vijajo

Listen (singular, paucal, plural):

Lexember 2017 – Nyjichxn #3

Lexeme: tywsiɯj
Gloss: cold, fragile, brittle
Stress: tywsiɯj
Phonetic (IPA / Ŋyjichɯn transliteration): ˈɾil.sɪɯdʒ / rylsiɯj
Combination Form: ryj

I have to check – the combination form may have to change. I suspect it’s really close to some other ones.

And how it’s said:

Lexember 2017 – Nyjichxn #2

Lexeme: nuɒβu
Gloss: wind, draft, breeze
Irregularity: Combo – Type 2 (formed from plural)
Combination Form: muβɯβ

Stress: IPA: Ŋyjichɯn phonetic:
Singular: nuɒβu nuɒβu ɱoɜ.ˈⱱɯ muoβɯ
Paucal: nuɒβɯɯβu nuɒβɯɯβu ɱoɜ.ˈⱱɯːʔ.ⱱʊ muoβɯɯβu
Plural: nuɒβuβu nuɒβuβu ɱoɜ.ˈⱱ.ⱱʊ muoβuβu


And here’s how Ŋyjichɯn is said:

And the lexeme from yesterday:

Lexember 2017 – Nyjichxn #1

Yup, doing Lexember again this year. Yup, I’m behind. The plan is actually to do it for the two languages I’m working on, Ŋyjichɯn and Ie. I’ll have to get caught up on Ie later, but it’s easier because it doesn’t have all the alternation and crap that Ŋyjichɯn does.

Anyway, here’s my first lexeme for the month:

Lexeme: chyjɒovi
Gloss: ice, slush, freeze
Irregularity: Noun – Type 1 (no plural or paucal)
Stress: chyjɒovi
Phonetic (IPA / Ŋyjichɯn transliteration): ˈtʃi.dʒɑɜ.ˌvʏ / chyjɒovi

Burdock tsukemono

I made this from stuff I grew… 

Beige strips of burdock root smothered in sesame seeds, vinegar, and soy sauce.

I’ve eaten most of it.  It’s Japanese style pickles, made from burdock root and sesame seeds. And it’s delicious.

I have more pickling in miso right now.

This is half of the burdock I harvested on Saturday. I have one more I’m letting grow more because it was stunted by the other two stealing all the sun. 

This is an older picture. The burdock is in the blue things (because the root gets 12-16′ long with this variety – and other varieties get longer). Even with that they ended up below the level of the garden bed. At the end the leaves were bigger than my head (they got composted).

Also in this bed is cucumber, Mexican mint (tagetes lucida – a type of marigold), turnips, and round carrots. The carrots and turnips are gone now and there’s some flowers added. 


Finally finished this.

This is Sam-Orc, my orc barbarian for D&D. Zie was raised by group of adventurers, mostly a trans woman dwarf druid. Sam-orc doesn’t understand gender or gender roles and is a panromantic demisexual.

Nyjichun word of the day – joztiizz

joztiizz – wrong, evil, bad, sin, to do wrong, to do evil

Stress: joztiizz
Phonetic (IPA / Ŋyjichɯn transliteration): dʒɜz.ˈɾʏːs / jozriis
Combination Form: jozti

Notes: ‘To be evil’ uses manŋoss, but is rare. Generally actions or occasionally thoughts are described as evil or good, not people or things.

kamɒzmajoztinŋoszivi kɒzkatɯzivi mow
ka-mɒz-ma-jozti-nŋos-zivi (stem: manŋoss) kɒz-katɯ-zivi mow
NEG-2sg.SBJ-be-evil-be-IMP 2sg.SBJ.not.IMP 2sg.SBJ
Don’t be evil
Phonetic: jamosnajoztiŋnazifi chozify mol
IPA: ˈdʒa.ɱɜs.ˌna.dʒɜz.tʏŋ.ˈna.zʏ.fʏ ˈdʒɒ.tʃɜ.ˌdɯ.zʏ.fi ɱɜl

How to move art to a new layer in Photoshop

Have you ever been working and then realized you’ve been working on the wrong layer? Of course you have. We’ve all done it. But if you just copy and paste it, by default Photoshop drops the art in the middle of the window, which is… not very good.

Here’s how to move copy & paste it without it moving.

I’m using a render of my DnD character (that I’m using to draw them properly in Manga Studio).

The sad way it used to work…

Select the art work and cut it (CTRL-X on Windows). Now you’re going to ‘paste it in place’. Under the Edit menu, it’s Paste Special > Paste in Place, or Shift+CTRL+V.

The happy good way!