Interest of the moment: Monograms

One of my favorite parts of buying old linens and handkerchiefs is seeing the monograms. And because I love lettering, I like to design them too. It’s this dance of ‘how decorative can I get this before it’s undecipherable?’ Which is really fun. I have probably hundreds of pictures that I’ve found on the web that I use as inspiration. My preference is for the ones with interlocking and interweaving letters.

am.jpg VintageMonogram_7.png gms.jpg

Here are my three most recent ones:


I need to work on my script lettering. It’s not my strong point at all.


And then my initials, if not my style:


Vintage Write-Up – Swanky Swigs Kiddie Kups


Swanky Swigs are decorated tumblers that were originally sold by Kraft, starting in 1933. They had Kraft cheese spread in them and were sealed with metal lids with rubber gaskets. They’re 4 1/2 inches tall and were hand-decorated with stenciled patterns. Kiddie Kups were released in 1956 and I haven’t found any online sources with all the designs, so here you go. If you can find them, they usually go for fairly cheap and are some of the more common Swanky Swigs.


Each cup has a different animal on each side, facing a toy version of itself. Around the top on each side, in white, is a duck, deer, bunny, pig, bird, rooster, and dog, which matches one of each of the designs.


In red, a bird and an elephant.


In orange, a dog and a rooster.


In green, a bunny and a kitty (the green is a bright spectrum green).


In blue, a teddy and a pig (and the pig is the only design where the real animal is to the right of the toy).


In brown, a deer and a squirrel (it’s a chocolate brown, which didn’t show up well in the picture).


In black, a duck and a horse.

Like any screen-printed glass, you can’t put these in the dishwasher because it will dull and scratch the design. I love my glasses. Only one is chipped (unfortunately not one of the ones I have three of). The black and the brown are my favorite.


Latest (for some value of ‘late) Vintage Finds

Most of these are buys from Attaboy Vintage, which is my favorite store in Ventura. They always have cool stuff and it’s rare that I go in there without coming out with something. I’ve been holding on to some of these pictures for months (a bunch of this I bought right before the RenFaire in July…). Sorry about that. And I have some other things I need to take non-cell phone pictures of to share. Anyway, let’s get to the point – pictures!

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