Who am I?

I’m a geek. I grew up reading sci-fi and fantasy. I enjoy all sorts of things, including manga, anime, cartoons, and way too many comics. I’m a furry fan (TV Tropes link – CN for talk of bullying, sex, size, and all the other problems that go along with being a furry).

I’m a creator. I write, I draw and design, I make up languages for their own sake.

I’m nostalgic. I like old things, including mid-century modern, 80s and 90s cartoons, and old books, but not old attitudes.

I’m trying to be aware. I’m not as analytical as I thought and I’ve realize that a lot of the things I liked are problematic. I’m trying to become better at recognizing issues in the things I consume and the things I create. I welcome being called out (as long as its obvious that the person calling me out isn’t doing it just to be a troll or jerk – but that doesn’t mean they have to go out of their way to be polite)

I’m non-binary and genderqueer and I specifically identify as a masculine-of-center androgyne. I have almost no desire to change my body and don’t really identify as trans. I’m a sex-enjoying aromantic asexual. My personal pronouns are they / them, and my titles are Mx and sir.

I’m an atheist, progressive, feminist, and humanist. I want everyone to have equal opportunities and for everyone to be treated fairly. I don’t think morality comes from an outside source, but I don’t think you should be a jerk to people who follow their religion either. I think the oppressed and disadvantaged deserve anything we can give them to make things fair.

What is this site about?

Whatever interests me, which varies depending on what catches my interest at the time. This includes critical thinking about those things and how to make them more progressive.

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