Lexember 1 & 2

I decided to do Lexember this year. For those of you who aren’t conlangers, that means I add a lexeme (basically a word) to my conlang everyday and share it. So, yay!

Lexeme: sai
Gloss: a common tree with smooth speckled bark and large lobed leaves
Irregularity: Static Noun
Combination Form: sai
Stress: IPA: Nyjichɯn phonetic:
Singular: sai sɶʏ sai
Paucal: syysa syysa ˈsiːʔ.zɜ syyzo
Plural: saisa saisa sɶʏ.ˌsa saisa

Notes: The sai is an essential tree in Nyji culture. It provides shelter, edible nuts, paper from the bark and leaves, and water from bowl or cup shaped scars on branches. The tree is a shorter one that grows five to eight feet tall. The leaves are quite large reaching up to a foot in length and width. Formal records were made on sai bark, which is strong and flexible with a distinct grain. Its leaves were used for notes and personal records. Like the bark the leaves have a distinct grain, but it runs in multiple directions radiating out from the main vein to the lobes.


Lexeme: βokko
Gloss: similar, like, as, to be similar to, to be like
Irregularity: Irregular Verb
Stress: βokko
Phonetic (IPA / Nyjichɯn transliteration): ⱱɜd.ˈdʒa / βotja
Combination Form: βoja
Example Usage:
ly ŋatoβokko suɯran
ly ŋa-to-βokko suɯran
3sg 3.SBJ-1.POBJ-like 1sg
He is like me
Phonetic: wi motaβotjo suuβaŋ
IPA: ɰʏ ɱɜ.ˈda.ⱱɜd.ˌdʒa sʊː.ˈⱱaŋ
ly kaŋatoβokko (ŋato) suɯran
ly ka-ŋa-to-βokko (ŋa-to-katɯ) suɯran
3sg NEG-3.SBJ-1.POBJ-like (3.SBJ-1.POBJ-not) 1sg
He is not like me
Phonetic: wi janotoβotja motako suuβaŋ
IPA: ɰʏ ˈdʒa.nɜ.ˌdɜ.ⱱɜd.ˌdʒa ɱɜ.ˈda.kɜ.ˌdɯ sʊː.ˈⱱaŋ

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