Tectrix, Silver Dollar, and Wild Rush

This was a bit of me working to differentiate between Tectrix, Silver Dollar (Enrico Donville), and Wild Rush. (TW for violence and anti-social behavior)

Enrico is independently wealthy and does the gang stuff for respect. He pulls capers for fun. He does risky and daring stuff because he’s an adrenaline junkie. He’s business-like.

Both he and Tectrix are ruthless, but Enrico has respect for his gang, other name criminals, etc. Tectrix thinks he’s better than everyone and everyone is disposable. Tectrix is a zealot.

Enrico isn’t vain, unlike Wild Rush, but dresses well because he’s used to it and for respect. Tectrix dresses unusually to shock people and because his wings and chest muscles make shirts difficult.

Wild Rush differs from them because he doesn’t notice most people – they’re just background or obstacles. He’s more pragmatic than ruthless. He’ll kill and torture people but just to get what he wants. Tectrix will do it for fun and fear. Enrico does it for respect and utility.

If enrage, Tectrix has hot anger – he’ll kill and hurt everyone in range. Wild Rush has laser focus – he’ll just hurt who has pissed him off. Enrico has cold anger. He won’t do anything then, but he’ll remember and get revenge.

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