People are not magnets

More OKCupid. We had some ridiculously low percentage in common.

Him: I would love to take you to see some movies and have fun at the beach if you are interested? People describe me as being romantic, poetic, charming loving, caring, direct persistent, sweet, passionate, fun, and easy going. For fun I like to go dancing, movies, play basketball, the beach, play cards, bowling, play pool, kissing, massages, and board games. So what do you say?

 photo lx5URfG_zpsidjq5jxs.gif

Me: So what about my profile interested you?
Him: Everything
Me: The part where I hate kissing? The part where I never ever ever want children and don’t like being around kids? The part where I’m really super introverted? The part where I don’t want to have sex very often because I’m not sexually attracted to anyone?

Those parts? [All things that clashed with his profile].
Him: No just wanted to get to know more about you
Me: So what specifically about my profile did you like?
Him: Gaming biting movie quotes. That you beat to the sound of your own drum
Me: I’m not a gamer, I just realize that it’s perfectly likely that my partner will be.
Him: Oh ok. What do you need to know before we get together?
Me: Why precisely you want to get together since we have practically nothing in common?
Him: We don’t need things in common
If we had everything in common it would be dull and boring
Me: Not in my experience.

I honestly have no idea why you’re even talking to me.
Him: We have biting in common.
Him: Both love batman chocolate
Me: So does like 80% of the world.

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