Nice try, dude

Nice try, dude

Him: Hi dear.. I am (Unique name). Moved back to California recently. Looking for the company of a charming lady. I believe in life long friendships and like to keep it drama free. Hit me up if you are interested in dining out, drives, discovering exciting places & new restaurants, movies, outdoors… (Phone number!) (email)
Sparkling moments & good times guaranteed! And by the way keep up that magnificent smile of yours! Ciao…

Me: Not a dear – I don’t have antlers. Not a lady. And I suspect you send the same message to everyone.

Him: Not ‘everyone’. But yes a few whom I like after going through their profile. And I was expecting this reply from your side ; ) You are indeed are very learned & apt at reading & understanding people.
Him: I joined okc very recently.
Him: We may be seeking different things in our friends/partners. Right now my primal needs are kind of controlling my mind but I enjoy an interesting intelligent & scintillating conversation the most.

Me: Pfff. Keep fishing.

Him: Actually more intrigued in Batman right now
Him: But anyways thanks

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