Cocktail of the Night mini – Suffering Bastard

This isn’t going to be a proper Cocktail of the Night post, but I mixed this up and wanted to record it.

I had decided I wanted a drink and was using to get ideas. This was one of the things that popped up:

1 oz of Gin
1 oz of rum (or Light Rum)
1 oz of Rose’s lime juice
bitters (or Angostura bitters)
Ginger ale

Shake all except ginger ale. Pour into glass and fill with ginger ale

I didn’t think I’d like this, since I have a history of not liking stuff with lime juice, but it’s quite good. I went a bit lighter on the lime juice (closer to 3/4 oz) and I probably could have put more bitters in (I love my bitters). But it’s quite tasty and refreshing. Not extremely strong either.

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