Commenting Culture Here

I’m adapting this from silveradept because I know I often feel like I don’t have anything worthwhile to add on other blogs and it’s reasonable that others do too.

Any commentary that follows the comment policy is worthwhile (basics of the comment policy: don’t be a jerk). If you want to comment, do. If you don’t have the energy, don’t. You don’t have to agree with me and I assume good faith until proven otherwise.

I welcome any of the following types of comments on any of my posts:

  • very short comments, including single words (‘like’, ‘yes’, ‘agreed’, ‘flail’), punctuation marks (‘!!!’), +1, emoticons.
  • long, wordy comments. An essay or rambling is totally okay.
  • Comments and links on related topics.
  • Comments on single links, paragraphs or topics.
  • Sequential commentary. It’s okay to think of something else later and reply to yourself.
  • Discussion of other comments and with other commenters.
  • anonymous comments (on livejournal or dreamwidth. Comments at the main site require an email address).
  • comments from people who have never talked to me or that I’ve never met.
  • comments on old posts.
  • links to discussion of my posts on other sites.

How I reply:

  • I mostly reply to comments.
  • You’re never obligated to reply to my reply.

Linking to my entries:

  •  Go for it.
  •  I’d appreciate if you tell me where you linked, but it’s not required.

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