Link Dump – Bibliobibuli Edition

bibliobibuli n. – those who read too much, and hence tend to be unaware of or oblivious to the real world

Trying to clear out the backlog of links so this is going to be a big one. But I’m including pretties this time.

(as always pics are linked to their source and you can view more of my favorites on DeviantArt)

Derivizer and Frequentizer – two tools for conlangers. The Derivizer: “A simple tool that you can use while building/ expanding your conlang’s lexicon. You can enter (some of) your language’s root words and derivational affixes, and use this script to suggest a few random derivatives and/or compounds, for which you can then try to come up with nice idiomatic meanings.” Frequentizer: “I wanted to do a corpus-based phoneme frequency analysis for one of my conlangs today, but I couldn’t find a suitable online tool for this task in a quick round of googling, so I decided to write one myself.” Both in Javascript.

Morphosyntactic alignment is about how the different core arguments of a verb are grouped into cases. From the ZBB. (I’m really only adding this so I can get it off my bookmarks. Unless you’re a conlanger it’s probably of no interest to you.)

Asexuality: The ‘X’ in A Sexual World (from HuffPo). Series of articles on asexuality. CN: The fourth is about discrimination and sexual violence against aces. The comments for all the articles are mostly good, but there’s a couple of dipshits.


Microwaved thin egg sheets (usuyaki tamago) – egg wrapper for bento and other Japanese recipes done in the microwave

Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity – I mean to buy this… “a collection of personal essays that debunk many of the myths and misconceptions that people have about trans women, as well as the subject of gender in general.”

55 Words to Describe Someone’s Voice (from Writing Helpers) I need to look through the rest of that tumblr as well.


Pokemon Fusion – Pokemon sprites hybridized. Then there’s this article (from Buzzfeed) and this article (from Smosh) with fanart inspired by it (CN: ableist language in the comments.)

Nymbler “your personal baby name assistant” Or for naming characters… Interesting because instead of just a list of names, it gives you names based on other names you’ve liked. Lots of very modern names though.

The Folly of Pig-Shearing. Post on Language Hat about an article on The New Republic, discussing Putin’s language when talking about Snowden. Discusses Russian idioms. (CN for the New Republic article: sexist language, violent language)

Gender’s Giving Sci-Fi and Fantasy the COOTIES! – “I wasn’t just a no-frills kind of girl. On school picture day, I rocked a pair of boys’ Transformers sandals. There was more to me than met the eye. True, I was born with certain genitals and I wore my hair very, very long until I was an adult. But no matter how hard people tried – and sometimes they tried with fists and guns – nobody was able to convince me that my crotch defined my self.” Discusses writing varied heroes. With cites! (From I like a little Science In My Fiction). CN: discussions of gender essentialism, minor mention of gender-based threat)


Basic Cosplay Armor with Worbla tutorial. Worbla is thermoplastic sheeting that can be molded. (from Electric Ava)

GenGen – design a text generator in Google Spreadsheets

Ciscentrism Sucks! – “This blog seeks to fight several commonly held misconceptions about gender, in particular that cisgender people are somehow superior to or more ‘normal’ than transgender people, and to combat the exclusion and erasing of trans people in all forms.”


Reactions to My Gender – reactions to different types of cis-sexism (from Nerd is my Gender). I’ve had too many of these happen to me.

The sickening grunch – “Anyway, I was talking with another young woman about Irish monastic penitentials or something like that when a couple of guys in a big ol’ car started the wolf-whistle-leer-and-comment-suggestively bit, with particular reference to my breasts. There it was-the sickening grunch as I landed involuntarily back in my body-and not my entire body, either, but specific parts of it. The conversation was ruined.” (from Caveat Lector)

Geek Feminism Wiki – “A resource for and about women in geek communities.” Since I link to articles from it so often…


Icon Generators – mostly in Japanese. Cute generators, mostly faces, but there’s a cat one too.

Her Kingdom As Great – Labyrinth fanfic! “What’s said is said, and Sarah said, ‘My Will is as Strong as Yours and my Kingdom as Great.’ And then, of course, she lied” I wish it was longer.

Ripple Dot Zero – scifi platformer. You’re a sword wielding penguin. Aw yeah. I haven’t finished it and it’s slow to load and doesn’t seem to like ad-blockers. But so far it seems good.

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