Latest (for some value of ‘late) Vintage Finds

Most of these are buys from Attaboy Vintage, which is my favorite store in Ventura. They always have cool stuff and it’s rare that I go in there without coming out with something. I’ve been holding on to some of these pictures for months (a bunch of this I bought right before the RenFaire in July…). Sorry about that. And I have some other things I need to take non-cell phone pictures of to share. Anyway, let’s get to the point – pictures!

There’s this small thrift / vintage store I’ve passed a couple of times. So I finally stopped. I can’t really recommend the store: it was dirty, poorly organized, and not very full. I was specifically looking for a piece of furniture, but I found this mirror instead.


It’s very heavy – it’s backed on masonite, I think. But it was $15, as I recall. As you can see, it’s in middling shape. One of the mirror brackets was replaced at some point, but it looks good. And I think they got it free, because:


Yeah, excellent spray job there. (It’s hung now, finally, which I need to take a good photo of.)

I believe the same day, Attaboy was having a clothing sale, buy one, get one half off. So I got two really cool shirts.

telephone-shirt1.jpg telephone-shirt2.jpg

I think it’s rayon and it REALLY likes to wrinkle. Which sucks. But it’s so cool, I don’t care. (It’s also not real good colors for me, but again, don’t care). And this one, which is good colors for me:


I believe it was the same day as the shirts, but I know it was the day before I left for Faire, I got this:


Travel bar set! And it still has the key, even. Attaboy usually has at least one, but this one was very nice (not as nice as the one my boyfriend bought later though). I probably could actually take the corkscrew and the bar spoon out, because they’re always sliding in the way and I don’t use them. The glasses are aluminum. In the theme of bar stuff:


The thing at the bottom is a Mr. Bar Laddie, (mine is the second picture down, I think) by the same company who did the Mr. Bartender I showed in the last Cocktail of the Night. I need to take a picture of the Mr. Bartender with the box and instructions still, I guess. I got the Mr. Bar Laddie at Attaboy. It’s a jigger (you can see the 2 at the top, for 2 ounces), bottle opener, and corkscrew. I didn’t realize the last at first – you unscrew the handle, which was stuck pretty bad. You can see the line in the photo – there’s some oxidation there. The glasses were just because I needed some clear glasses. Thrift store find, originally from Ikea.

One of the thrift store in Ventura has a lot of table linens, some of which are older. So I got these:


Along with some newer ones. The flowers are appliqued on, with completely invisible stitches. My mom gave me the table cloth. It’s actually the right size for my tiny little table.



So that’s drawn thread work with, I think, Hardanger embroidery. It’s got a couple of stains that look like blood, but otherwise it’s in good shape.

Next, I finally got a lamp for over my desk. It’s off eBay. It took me a while to get it hung, but it looks really nice.



I had my dad help check the wiring, which was good because up by the socket the cord was CRUNCHY. Cords are not supposed to make that noise. But the rest was fine, so we just cut it shorter and wired it back with the original porcelain socket. I need to get one more lamp for over my bed, but that one will wait.

One last thing, my last piece of furniture:


It’s teak and I ended up paying $75 for it. It holds all my placemats and napkins, with extra space. I’ll get a piece of glass for the top at some point (along with for my desk and the sideboard…). The plaid box behind the Bar Laddie is the Mr. Bar Tender.

So that’s just about everything. As always, keep a watch on my Facebook and Twitter for random cellphone pics and ramblings. (I tend not to friend random people on Facebook, but if you message me that you’re a fan, I will).

While I’d like to do another Cocktail of the Night, I haven’t been feeling great lately, so that’s on hold. But with National Novel Writing Month and 30 Characters Challenge coming up, I should have plenty of things to post about. If I have the energy after doing the things.

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