Moving In – Week 1

Now it’s time to see some of my actual stuff. I’m only taking pictures at the end of the week, so we’ve skipped over the piles and piles of boxes, the furniture in really strange spots, and other such amusements.

First, some details I didn’t photograph the previous week:

The closet / dressing room door. I need to find an appropriate skeleton key.

Isn’t that drain cute? It looks like a daisy.

And on to the meat of the post:We’ll go in more or less the same order as last week.

Entrance way. Most of my boxes are unpacked into that bookcase, which used to be for my Mom to use in craft shows, back when she did them. And no, I never make my bed. It usually looks worse, even. The parts to the right are from my old Ikea desk, which is going to be sold sooner or later.

Detail pic:

Yeah, that’s the Cats’ Lair from Thundercats. As you see above, I have the box too (which is filled with other Thundercats boxes). Sitting in the doorway is Theodore. The panda half hidden is Pandy. The guy inadvertently hiding him is Hubert. The other dragon doesn’t have a name.

Moving on.


My new desk! It, and the bookcase, were $150. Not each. The bookcase has sliding glass doors, one of which is on top of the desk. Mom chipped a chunk out of the other one and she’s replacing both. I still need to get a glass top for the desk, but then I still need to finish polishing the desk too.

The coffee table was a $10 find at a thrift store when I had my last place. We just spray-painted it black and put glass in it. You’ll be able to see the top better next week. That’s the Maraj from Silverhawks hanging out underneath it, still in the box.

The sphere chair was a cheap find at Target or Walmart when I had my last place. It collapses.

The dress form was $10 at a garage sale and is wearing my pirate hat.

The lamp that’s almost hidden by my sleeping bag:

It had a crummy generic shade that got thrown out when I moved everything into storage. Mom and I will be making a new shade at some point. It probably should be rewired too, but it’s not dangerous (or at least my place hasn’t gone up in smoke yet and I’ve been using it practically everyday).

Dining area, not yet usable:

Folding card table, we think from the 40s. Fifty bucks in an antique store. Facebook friends have seen pictures. Remind me and I’ll repost them.


Mom and I did some shopping and got that jar on the stove, and the dish drainer is new. The rest was stuff I had. The cart is really rusty and I’ll clean it up and repaint it at some point. Hopefully. I found stuff I didn’t know I had, like that teapot, the saltines tin, and the Ritz tin behind it.

Slightly closer shot of that side:

The roll holder doesn’t work for paper towels. The rolls have gotten too fat. That’s okay; it leaves room for plastic wrap. (It’s supposed to hold tin foil, wax paper, and paper towels, I believe in that order.)

Detail of the stove:

Mom doesn’t like the writing on the jar. I do. (It came with a big ol’ cork too, but that’s in the cabinet somewhere.)

Now to the office! (Or at least the furniture there)

I know this is a terrible picture, but it’s the best I got. There’ll be some more next week, still not great. (I’m sorry, it’s a tight space and I have a lot of stuff.) Anyway, the front of the desk.

And the back:

I don’t know what, if anything, I’ll put in that alcove, but isn’t it cool?

The chair, which Facebook friends saw in progress, and that is currently in progress again as my dad tries to fix the problem of the casters falling out.

And the bookcase, as a work in progress as me and my mom tried to clean the top (it looks better now).

That’s it for this week! Stay tuned!

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