Moving – Week 0

I’ve actually been there almost two weeks now, but I’m doing this in order, dammit! =^_^=

So, I moved into my first apartment completely by myself, completely from the beginning. It’s in Ventura in an building that was apparently built in 1907 (according to the sign that I still need to get a picture of).

I looked at another apartment in the building that had a lot of cute mid-century touches (like black and white checkerboard linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom, and peach tile in the bathroom). But I couldn’t afford that one. I got one that is half below ground and very private, except for the laundry room right next door (which is cool). It doesn’t have the same cute touches, but it’s nice. So, to the tour!

Sorry about the poor quality of pictures. It was getting late and there wasn’t a lot of light in parts.

Just inside the door:

The super cute light fixture. It doesn’t produce that much light, unfortunately (probably a better bulb would help).

  Continuing inside. As you can see, we had already brought a few things in. My car was loaded and we picked up some mid-century furniture I had bought the previous week. You’ll get pictures of them next time.  That bench continues all the way around the room, as you’ll see. The best we can figure is that there are pipes or something underneath. I’m not about to open it up to see.

The main room. Those two windows are at ground level, although there is one more larger window in the kitchen, because the ground slopes away (hills! gotta love them! because you’ll be climbing a lot of them!) I still had my stuff from Renaissance Faire in my car, thus the cot and sleeping bag and tent (which you can’t quite see). You can see the edge of the kitchen there, as well as the heater.

We’re going to step back a bit and take a look at the closet and bathroom first. The door is on the wall without the bench (duh), a few feet past the entrance-way. The bathroom is the right.

To the left, beside the door, is this:

(It doesn’t look quite so bad in real life). I figure that way back when when plumbing wasn’t readily available, this area was used as a washing up area. It has the added bonus that if there are two people in the place, one can use the mirror while the other is in the bathroom.

And here’s the bathroom.

It’s… well…

It’s clean, but it doesn’t look it. You can’t see in these pictures, but the walls are water stained (and I can’t get it off). That’s not real tile – it’s coated Masonite. And the wall next to the toilet has some cheap plastic stuff that doesn’t even look like tile. And besides dropping the bathtub plug in the sink, some idiot flicked caulk in the sink too. Gross!

It’s better now, but I have dreams for that bathroom that involve paint (we’ll see if I can do them.)

Pluses? The medicine cabinet is authentic 1950s. It’s got the slot in the back for razors, even. (Sorry, no picture). The tube is really deep. The water pressure is great and it gets really hot.

And there’s this cool detail:

(You can’t see the rust from the ground).

Anyway, let’s head for the kitchen.




But look!

Built-in! YAY!

Anyway, the stove and fridge are new. The sink isn’t very old. (There’s no garbage disposal). And, as you’ll see, I’ll manage with the space. (I’m in the middle of arranging stuff, so you won’t see for a while).

Anyway, that’s my place, before I got much in it. Think of the potential! Think of the excitement! Think of all the spiders I get to kill!

See you next time!

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